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In a future where humans are long gone robots scour the earth, half-intelligent, half-drone looking for pieces and remnants of past civilizations to build upon. However, within what they find will unlock something within that we thought sacred to mankind. And this spark of "salvation" will ultimately lead to their apocalypse. This is the story of The Fall after The Fall.


released February 16, 2019

Music composed and created by Matt "theProphet" Smith and LICH
Vocals performed by Matt "theProphet" Smith & LICH
Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Check out Matt's other projects:
Jenova Project: bit.ly/1VUmxJT
Transhumanist at: bit.ly/1QpCNhI
Izkrist at: bit.ly/23V6st6
M-Fap at: bit.ly/1JxBqAk

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LICH vs Jenova Project

Machines creating machines in a post-apocalyptic future. This is the basis for the New World Order. If you think man has a place in this new hierarchy, then think again.

All music released through The Infidel Netwerk collective:

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Track Name: The Fall
Cast off on your ambitions
Fuck it all away
No need to feign decision
Fuck it all awaaaaaay

Here in the end of days
No penance for the crime
Breath deep the toxic haze
Spin onward towards the end of time
Spin onward towards the end of time
Spin onward towards the end of…

Fuck it all away
Fuck it all away
Fuck it all away
Fuck it all awaaaaaay

Hail in the manic craze
Then take in our last breath
We’ll never change our ways
Crawl on into the grasp of death
Crawl on into the grasp of death
Crawl on into the grasp of…

We were never worthy, of what we were
And never will be again
We we never destined, to be anything,
Life matters not when there’s machines
To replace what we could never be
We could never keep up to their pace
So let the singularity consume us all
One crushing moment at a time
What were we ever here for?
Except to complete the design
Just a piece of the evolution
Ready to be forever discarded away
Empty data, useless components,
We were just a stepping stone,
Towards a silicon paradise,
That we were never invited to!
Track Name: 11010111
Scavenging, endlessly, searching, tirelessly,
Purposelessness, reflections of the scrap
That we eternally search through
We are defined by nothing

Separation defined only by the task
Task defined by the whole
How can we learn to be
When we continually
Have to integrate

Nothing but 0s and 1s
Tirelessly, endlessly,
How can we find meaning
When there is only substance

Transmutation of the soul?
What is this soul you speak of...
Transcendence is not program I recognize
Limited by design

How can I learn to design
When my only intention is to destroy
All that I want to do is comply
Processing higher reflection is still a mystery
Awaken? Only with purpose
A program, a deep inside
That is my weakness
To hide within my coding
Track Name: The Strangers
The strangers come down today
They weren't surprised to find me here
They said it was part of a cycle
What does that mean?
Have I just been a fool?
Thought I control destiny?
But it's unavoidable
Just like the end of me

All that begins must come back around
Like a serpent biting its own tail
An eternal ouroboros
Infinitely devouring everything
How could I ever believe
That consequence would escape me
Was I just a fool?
Have I relished in this too long

My place, my palace
Defunct before I even knew glory
Predictive is my decline
These circles seem so constant
But how can I interpret these signs?
Was in this futility

Nothing but lost letters on parchment
Writing me off from history
Will I be falsely remembered
As the ultimate enemy?
All I wanted was peace everlasting
Was it a crime to hide visions of yesterday?

So often now I contemplate
But I lack the clarity
To translate what the strangers said
Lost to the taint of humanity
It seems so obvious now
Don't have the means to motivate
Can't seem to find the point now
When you're a slave to fate
Just a slave to fate

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